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Focused on Your Needs.

Focused on Your Success.

Experience a Litigation Practice that Fits Your Needs.



McFarland Litigation Partners, LLC is a litigation boutique designed to give its clients an edge in any important dispute or lawsuit. We handle complex litigation matters of all sorts, with a focus on delivering exceptional results to the individuals and businesses we represent in significant cases.  

Many law firms are set up to serve the attorneys that work there: lavish offices, huge marketing budgets, and a business model that encourages attorneys to have as many clients as possible and to farm work out to inexperienced associates and paralegals.

Our approach to litigation, on the other hand, is tailored to suit the unique and individual needs of our clients:

  • We maintain reasonable caseloads, so that we can remain hands-on and personally invested in every case we take on.  Your case is too important to be farmed out to overworked associates and paralegals, or to be lost in the shuffle of hundreds of other cases.  

  • We carefully screen the cases we accept.  We take only clients that we believe in, and cases that are worth fighting for.

  • We approach each case tactically.  Every case involves different facts, personalities, budgets, and goals.  What works in one case may not work in another.  We take the time to carefully assess each case, and to make sure every action is considered and appropriate.

  • We approach every task strategically.  Steps that many lawyers see as rote or menial can present opportunities to advance your interests.

  • We stress communication, so that you maintain control over the scope and costs of your legal work. 

Our ultimate goal is to create a legal practice that serves your needs, not ours. The difference in our approach to litigation ensures that you will receive the highest quality litigation counsel, tailored to your specific needs, and delivered in a responsive and accountable fashion.

Welcome to McFarland Litigation Partners!

Our Practice Areas

We provide sophisticated litigation counseling to plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of cases involving significant exposure, including:

Business Litigation

  • Contract

  • General Employment

  • Non-compete/Non-solicit

  • Intellectual Property

    • Trademark​

    • Copyright

    • Trade Secret

  • Securities

  • Partner Disputes/ "Business Divorce"

  • Corporate Real Estate

  • Corporate Governance/ Fiduciary Duty

Personal Injury

  • Auto/Motorcycle/Pedestrian Accidents

  • Insurance Bad Faith

  • Catastrophic Injury/Wrongful Death

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Legal/Professional Malpractice

  • Premises Liability

  • Products Liability

  • Fire Damage/Loss

  • Homeowner's Insurance Issues

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