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Strategic Business Litigation Counsel


McFarland Litigation Partners specializes in complex business litigation.  Both Gabe and Luke McFarland began their careers at large, national law firms cutting their teeth on high-stakes cases for large, Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 clients.  They left to form their own firm in 2006, and have been successfully litigating cases for Colorado's business community since that time.  They have assembled a team of veteran litigators and support staff, and offer efficient and strategic litigation counsel to companies of all sizes, as well as to their owners/executives.

McFarland Litigation Partners' approach to litigation begins by recognizing that each client and each case is unique.  Clients with similar cases may have very different risk tolerances, budgets, and goals.  Even cases for the same client that are similar in terms of subject matter will have unique nuances, different lawyers/personalities on the other side, and different judges.  McFarland Litigation Partners does not take a "one size fits all" or "this is how we always do it" approach.  Each case must be assessed individually, and paths must be chosen strategically and tactically.

The attorneys at McFarland Litigation Partners are seasoned trial lawyers.  Effective presentation of your case at trial requires attorneys who can distill your dispute--no matter how complex--to its essence so it can be digested by a judge or jury.  Good trial lawyers also recognize, however, that a lengthy and expensive trial is rarely the optimal outcome in a business dispute.  Positioning your case for success at trial will also position it for success in settlement.

Ultimately, your litigation attorney should recognize that you know your business best, and that you are the one who must make critical litigation decisions that impact your business.  While we are personally invested in every case we take on, we see our primary role as informing and educating our clients around the various decision points in a litigation, so that they are empowered to make the best possible decisions.

We realize that whether your business has been sued, or has been wronged such that it needs to sue another, the stakes are high.  Often, the outcome of a litigation is "make or break" for our clients.  We recognize the great responsibility we have to our clients in these stressful circumstances, and take it seriously.

At heart, we will handle your case in the manner that we would want our case handled if we were in your shoes: tactically, strategically, efficiently, and ethically.

Business Litigation Practice Areas
  • Contract

  • General Employment

  • Non-compete/Non-solicit

  • Intellectual Property

    • Trademark​

    • Copyright

    • Trade Secret

  • Securities

  • Partner Disputes/ "Business Divorce"

  • Corporate Real Estate

  • Corporate Governance/ Fiduciary Duty

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