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Strategic Personal Injury Counsel


Combining Deep Personal Injury Knowledge with a Tactical and Ethical Approach

It is probably rare that a father and all three of his sons get along and truly like each other.  It is certainly even more rare that any four lawyers will get along and like each other .  The fact that an attorney father and all three of his attorney sons not only get along and like each other, but have opted to work together and are the best of friends, is probably something of a miracle.

My father Tom McFarland has been a preeminent personal injury attorney in Colorado for nearly forty years.  My older brothers and I were all motivated to become lawyers primarily because of him.  At family dinners, we were the jury to whom he would present his pending cases, and we all developed a keen sense of justice--and a keen awareness of injustice--from him.  Without any overt pressure from my father, we all ended up going to law school (Gabe to CU undergrad and DU Law, Zach to Colorado College undergrad and CU Law, and me to Colorado College undergrad and Harvard Law).  Upon graduating from law school, Gabe and I both migrated to big business litigation firms, while Zach opted to join my father in his personal injury practice, the McFarland Law Offices.  Before long, Gabe and I left our big firms to form Evans & McFarland, specializing in complex business litigation.  In 2006, we all purchased an old Victorian building in downtown Golden and moved our practices there.  While we operated as two separate firms (McFarland Law Offices doing personal injury work, and Evans & McFarland handling business litigation), we worked together on numerous cases and talked about how we might someday combine our practices.

In 2020, we finally combined our practices to form McFarland Litigation Partners.  In doing so, we combined Tom and Zach's deep knowledge of personal injury litigation with Gabe and Luke's tactical approach to high stakes business litigation.  The result is a personal injury practice that we believe is like no other.

McFarland Litigation Partners combines an incredibly thorough knowledge base with the same strategic litigation approach used by Fortune 500 companies in their biggest high stakes litigation.  We are not a "high volume" firm.  We do not take hundreds or thousands of cases and farm them out to inexperienced associates, paralegals, and "case managers" for quick settlements.  Rather, we carefully screen our cases and take only those clients for whom we are personally prepared to fight.  When we take a case, we handle it personally, and we collaborate and strategize as a group on every case. We do not approach our cases with a "cookie cutter" mentality, but rather analyze every case individually. We are entrepreneurial and not afraid to try new approaches and tactics.  We do not advertise - not on daytime television, not on buses, not on billboards, not anywhere.  Instead, we get all of our cases through referrals, most often from other attorneys who trust us to handle personal injury litigation for themselves and their loved ones (if you are reading this, chances are you were referred to us).  We are hard workers, and would rather work tirelessly to get you 100% of what you are entitled to, as opposed to going through the motions to get you 80 or 90%.  Our approach has generated stunning results for our clients, and stunned reactions from insurance companies and their defense attorneys, who are simply not used to seeing personal injury cases litigated in this manner.

Our father showed us early on just how disastrous an injury can be to a person (and usually to his or her family).  Someone injured in an accident often has rising medical bills, a sharp drop in income, and no real knowledge of what he or she is entitled to or how the insurance process works.  Insurance companies know this, and these companies and their lawyers employ tactics that can lead to quick - but highly deficient - settlements.  Many personal injury lawyers talk about "leveling the playing field" by providing you with an attorney to match up against the insurance companies' attorneys, but very few can actually level the playing field against a multi-billion dollar insurance company and their experienced lawyers.  We not only level the playing field, we create real strategic advantages for our clients.


Our goal is to be the gold standard for Colorado personal injury representation, and to provide an alternative for those who need legal assistance but want their lawyers to act with integrity, intelligence, compassion, and strategic thinking.  We are not the right lawyers for the malingerers, the exaggerators, or the pretenders looking to make a quick buck.  We are the right lawyers for those with real injuries or losses who don't want to trust their important cases to a lawyer with a catchy nickname from the side of a bus.  If you think we might be the right lawyers for you, give us a call.


~Luke McFarland

Personal Injury Practice Areas
  • Auto/Motorcycle/Pedestrian Accidents

  • Insurance Bad Faith

  • Catastrophic Injury/Wrongful Death

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Legal/Professional Malpractice

  • Premises Liability

  • Products Liability

  • Fire Damage/Loss

  • Homeowner's Insurance Issues

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